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2 Serious Accidents That Can Occur When Traveling On Summer Vacations

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Many individuals anticipate summer vacations with excitement. Most do not have concerns or fears about getting injured. There are a variety of things that can go tragically wrong on a summer vacation. Some travelers get injured by the negligence of others. When this happens, a victim's injuries or property losses may be compensable under personal injury laws. The following points highlight a few things that can result in injuries while on summer vacation.

Car Accidents

Individuals who go on vacation may drive their own vehicles or obtain rentals. Sometimes the drive to a vacation destination is hundreds or thousands of miles from their home. There are a variety of car accidents that could occur, which may involve two or more vehicles. More serious accidents may involve semi-trailers. Negligent drivers may cause an accident if they are proven to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, distracted, following too close, or failing to yield and obey traffic laws. A personal injury lawyer can use a police report and other evidence about a car accident to prove negligence. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Some individuals only ride their motorcycles in the spring and summer. Their excitement may prompt them to attend bike shows and similar events for avid motorcycle owners. The two-wheeled power machines are no match for vehicles and semis on roadways. These accidents may end in fatalities. If a victim does not succumb to their injuries, they are likely to have serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, and road rash. These injuries may heal, and victims could be compensated for them. Their compensation should include consideration for pain and suffering, medical bills, permanent disfigurement if applicable, and other damages that a personal injury lawyer can uncover. It is also possible that a lawyer will discover that more than one party is liable for the accident. 

A personal injury lawyer is a good resource for individuals who get injured while vacationing. They can help negotiate settlements. Lawyers can also estimate the damages and value of a case. Insurance companies may offer victims a settlement that does not take into consideration issues such as lost wages, permanent disabilities, or future medical costs. This means that victims who accept settlements without legal counsel may not get the compensation they deserve. Accepting a settlement offer is contractual and legally binding. This means that victims who accept them will have no recourse if they have regrets at a later date.

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