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Get an Attorney to Help You with Your Car Accident Lawsuit

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Occasionally, when you have gotten into a car accident, you might end up in a lawsuit. It could be because you need to sue the other parties involved because they didn't have insurance and there is no way to cover the expenses that you have incurred from medical bills and car repairs. Or, it could be the other way, and you are being sued. No matter which way that case is going, you need to make sure that you are adequately protected. That means that you need to have an attorney who can be on your side and fight for you. You can do several things to help your attorney fight for you. 

Insurance Information

You need to bring all the information you have about and from your car insurance company. You should also take information that you have gotten from any car insurance companies that are involved in the case. Your attorney is going to want to see what the insurance companies have said to you and what their decisions up to this point have been. The reason your attorney needs to know this is because they need to have a place to start when they are talking to the insurance companies or the other parties in the accident. Your attorney may be able to appeal the insurance company's decision which can mean that you don't have to go to court. 

Medical Bills

You also need to bring all your medical bills that are related to the accident. That means even the receipts from the pharmacy where you had to pick up medication related to the accident, even if it was OTC meds. The reason you need to show all your accident-related medical bills is that your attorney is going to need to show how all the medical bills are affecting you, and how you are having difficulties in paying them. It doesn't matter if you are the one being sued or the one doing the suing — having those bills is only going to help you. You should also bring medical releases for your various doctors so that your lawyer can talk to them to get more information about your medical issues and how they are making your life more difficult. 

Getting in a car accident is bad enough. Ending up in a lawsuit due to the accident is just adding insult to injury. If you do have to be in a lawsuit, make sure you have an attorney who can help you. 

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