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Legal Services For DUI Charges

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Whenever a driver faces a driving under the influence charge (DUI charge), they should consult experienced DUI attorneys. A DUI conviction can affect vital aspects of a person's life, such as their eligibility for future employment opportunities and favorable insurance rates. Furthermore, the legal consequences for a DUI conviction can range from hefty fines, revocation of a driving license and insurance covers and, in aggregated cases, a prison sentence. Thus, individuals arrested for drunken driving should consult competent DUI attorneys to mitigate culpability and avoid getting convicted for a DUI charge, as explained below.

Reinstatement of a Revoked License

A driver arrested for drunken driving can have their license revoked because of gross violation of traffic rules through an administrative sanction. Suppose a driver fails the sobriety test or records a blood alcohol level much higher than the legal limit. In that case, the enforcement official can confiscate the driver's license on the spot. If a driver would like to challenge a license revocation decision and have their license reinstated, they should enlist the services of a lawyer. DUI attorneys can represent a driver in disciplinary action and challenge the license revocation. They understand the license reinstatement process and can have their client back on the road in no time. 

Negotiate a Plea Bargain Agreement

Parties to a lawsuit have the right to negotiate and settle a dispute outside court. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a DUI attorney can advise a client to take a plea bargaining agreement. DUI attorneys have the experience to assess and determine the likelihood of a DUI charge against their client succeeding. If the defendant has little chance of success from the facts and evidence presented by the prosecution, the DUI attorney can advise the client to take a plea bargain instead. Rather than taking chances with a court verdict, a DUI attorney can negotiate favorable terms on behalf of a client, such as community service for a short period or a reduced sentence.

Expunge DUI Records

As mentioned above, a DUI conviction can prevent an individual from accessing employment and services such as reasonable insurance rates. There are various limitation periods upon which if someone has a clean record, they can petition to have their DUI record expunged from public records. Usually, repeat offenders and those with serious criminal records cannot have their records expunged. DUI attorneys know the process and the requirements for expunging records and can petition the court on their client's behalf. The DUI attorney reviews a client's eligibility before filing all necessary paperwork with the court clerk or district attorney's office.