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Should You Take Your Traffic Ticket To Court?

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Did you receive a traffic ticket for speeding, and now you are wondering if you should take it to court to contest it? If so, it helps to know when you have a good reason to go to court. Here are some things to consider when deciding to fight that traffic ticket. 

It's Convenient

The first thing that you should consider is whether it will be convenient for you to go to court and fight the ticket. Is the courthouse close and easy to get to? Do you have flexible working hours and can leave work to go to court without losing wages? Do you not have to pay for child care in order to go to court? If it is easy for you to attempt to fight your ticket, then you should definitely do it. There is no risk of going to court to fight a traffic ticket, with the upside being a potential positive outcome in either a not guilty verdict or a reduced fine.

You're Not 100% Guilty

If you knew you were breaking the traffic laws at the time when you received the ticket, then you are guilty and should pay the ticket. However, there may have been a reason that you were speeding that you feel justifies your actions. This means that you have the right to explain your actions, which brings up the need for the police to argue why you still deserve a ticket. 

Your Ticket Was Photo Enforced

Many tickets are photo enforced, which means all traffic violations are treated the same. If someone ran through a red light 1 second after it turned red or 10 seconds after, both will be treated the same with the exact same type of ticket. If you feel like you were unfairly given a ticket due to photo enforcement, you may have a good reason to fight it. A judge will look at the situation regarding the ticket that was given and make a judgement call that was missing when the original ticket was issued. 

Your Driving History Is Clean

If this is the first time you are receiving a ticket, it is possible to fight it based purely on your history of being a good driver. If it is shown that your traffic ticket is not a consistent behavior, it is possible to receive a lower fine or to have the ticket waived due to it being a first offense. 

For more information, contact a traffic ticket lawyer in your area.