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Complications That Can Arise From A Medical Implement Remaining In Your Body

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It's extremely unlucky to end up with a medical implement forgotten in your body after you've been through surgery. Your luck can change, however, when you hire an experienced medical malpractice attorney to represent you. The negligence that the hospital exhibited in leaving the tool in your body can translate into a significant amount of damages awarded to you, which can help to offset the challenges that this scenario results in. A medical implement remaining in a patient can cause a multitude of complications, including the following.

Slowing Down The Healing

Whatever type of surgery you go through, it's designed to heal without the presence of a medical implement left behind. The presence of this tool can cause complications with the healing. For example, something that should heal within a week or two may not be showing many signs of improvements as the weeks pass. There are many different ways that the foreign body can inhibit healing. For example, if it's in a position where it's interfering with the tissue, the tissue can remain inflamed and continue to cause you pain.

Causing An Additional Injury

Another serious risk of having a medical implement left in your body after you leave the hospital is that it could cause an additional injury to you. For example, if a metal object with a sharp edge remains in your body, it could move around and potentially cut you internally. This could result in a serious injury that has concerning consequences. There may not be an overt sign of the injury, either, other than the pain. This could delay you in seeking the appropriate treatment, which could further exacerbate the injury.

Requiring Another Surgery

Each time that you go under the knife, there's a risk of something going wrong. When it's become clear that a medical implement is inside of your body, you'll need to go through an additional surgery to remove it. Not only can this be painful and require a recovery time of its own, but there are also risks. For example, if the area becomes infected afterward, you could potentially have a serious health issue that you're facing. The worst part is that this surgery would have been completely avoidable if it were not for the negligence of the medical professional who left the implement in your body in the first place. Fortunately, medical malpractice attorneys can build a case for you around each of these elements and get you the damages that you deserve.