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Divorce While Pregnant? It May Be Your Best Option In These Situations

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When most couples get pregnant, they're excited and think of growing closer as a couple as they add to their family. This isn't always the case, unfortunately, and a pregnancy can lead to issues that make you wonder if staying together in the best course of action.

While emotions can run high because of the stress that often accompanies being pregnant, you should always try to calmly assess the situation to determine if you should stay together or think about divorcing. Divorcing while pregnant may seem frightening, but there are scenarios in which it may be the best course of action. Here are three of them.

The Husband Begins To Cheat

Women who are pregnant can experience different levels of interest in sex. During some phases of a woman's pregnancy, she's in the mood for sex — at other phases, she isn't.

A good husband will understand that this is part of the process, while a husband who may be lacking in the empathy department may seek his sexual gratification outside of the marriage. If you're a pregnant woman and learn that your husband has been cheating on you because he says that you aren't satisfying his sexual needs, this may be a time to consider ending the marriage.

A Lack Of Support Is Concerning

Ideally, a husband should increase the degree to which he supports his spouse while she is pregnant. For example, the woman may typically do lots of the cooking and cleaning, but if she's having a difficult pregnancy, she may understandably not be able to do as much.

In such a case, a conscientious husband should assume these roles and do so happily, but not every husband sees the situation this way. Some women may be unnerved by their husband's lack of support while they're pregnant, and this could lead to thoughts of divorce.

Verbal Abuse Occurs

You unfortunately may encounter the difficult situation of having your spouse speak to you in a hurtful manner while you're pregnant. Perhaps your husband is critical of your body because you've gained weight or laments that you're not doing as much around the house in a derogatory way.

You alone can decide what you deem to be verbal abuse, but you need to remember that someone who loves you should not speak to you in an abusive way, especially when you're pregnant.

If you're dealing with any of these situations, you may wish to speak to a divorce attorney such as Hazlett & Pedemonte for guidance and information.