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Why Having A Child Custody Lawyer Is So Important

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Whether you are going through the legal process of a divorce, or you have simply split up with the other parent of your child, you will want to consider retaining a child custody lawyer. While you certainly do have the option to represent yourself in a child custody and visitation case, you might not like the stress it puts you under or the results that you get. Check out the following reasons why having a lawyer can help you.

You Can Put A Stop To Anyone Leaving State Without Permission

One of the biggest fears for a lot of parents is that the other parent will pick up and leave the state with the child. Even simply moving an hour away is terrible if it means that the other parent is landing on the other side of a state line. This is because each state carries out their child custody laws a little differently. Also, you want to make sure that the other parent is not able to alienate you from your child by moving far away. Your child custody lawyer will understand the importance of this and will make sure to put a motion before the courts so this can be placed into an immediate order.

You Get A Fair Shot At Gaining Custody

You do not want to settle on the idea that the other parent is automatically going to retain legal physical custody if that is something you would like for yourself. With the help of a skilled child custody lawyer, you will have a fighting chance at being the custodial parent. If that is not something that you are interested in, maybe because of your living situation or the long hours you work, you will at least want a lawyer to fight for your fair share of visitation. You will want not only visitations on the weekends and over the summer, but holidays as well. It is vital that all of this is worked out ahead of time so that there are no arguments or misunderstandings later down the road.

When you are ready to start this legal action, you will want to begin your search for the perfect child custody lawyer. The sooner you start this search the better, as this will allow you some time to complete some consultations with a few different lawyers. By talking with a few lawyers, you will be able to have true confidence that you have selected the best possible one for your case.