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Don't Let Dirty Tricks Control Your Divorce: How To Get Ahead Of The Game And Avoid The Tricks

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Divorce is never an easy situation to maneuver. Unfortunately, it can become downright impossible to maneuver when one spouse decides to resort to dirty tricks. If you're worried that your spouse will take the low-road, and begin using dirty tricks against you, now's the time to prepare yourself for the rocky road ahead. Here are four tips for overcoming some dirty tricks your spouse might try to use against you:

Look for Hidden Assets

If your spouse is the type who would withhold financial documents, or hide assets prior to the divorce, it's up to you to look for those assets ahead of time. While it can be difficult to find hidden assets, especially if they've been deposited in offshore accounts, it's not impossible to find them. However, you will need some legal advice and assistance if you want to find everything your spouse is hiding. The first thing you need to do is start watching the mail. Look for accounts that you don't recognize. Your attorney can use this information to begin an asset search.

Follow Paper Trail for All Sold Assets

If you and your spouse have agreed to sell a joint property, make sure you follow the paper trail for those transactions. This is particularly important if your spouse begins selling assets for prices that are well below the actual value. To ensure that your spouse isn't selling the property to family and friends in an attempt to retrieve them after the divorce, demand receipts for all transactions that include the contact information for each person who purchases the items.

Avoid Moving If You Think Divorce is Eminent

If you believe that a divorce is imminent, and your spouse suggests moving to another state – or perhaps another country, don't agree to the move. It's possible that they're moving in an attempt to venue shop. Venue shopping occurs when someone moves to a location that will be more favorable for them in a divorce. If you move prior to the divorce, you could find yourself on the losing end of a marital settlement, or even your child custody case.

Get an Order of Protection

If you're concerned that your spouse will become violent towards you in an attempt to control the divorce proceedings, you need to get an order of protection immediately. An order of protection will help protect you against domestic violence while your divorce is proceeding. If you have evidence of prior violence against you, be sure to document those occurrences when you submit your request for an order of protection.

Don't let your divorce be controlled by dirty tricks. Use the information provided here to get ahead of the games. If you have questions and concerns about your divorce, speak to a divorce lawyer near you.