Wrongly Accused: Criminal Defense 101

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What To Do (And Not To Do) If You're Arrested For A Crime You Didn't Commit

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Everyone has at least a general idea of what you're supposed to do when you're accused of a crime. You hire a lawyer and you do your best to show your side of the story. However, when you're falsely accused of a crime, things change a bit. If you ever get arrested for a crime you didn't commit, here are some tips for getting through the legal procedures.

Stay Quiet

You probably know the Miranda rights from watching various television shows that revolve around the law. Part of the Miranda rights tell you that you have a right to remain silent. Another part lets you know that anything you say or do can be held against you in court. You need to take that seriously.

This includes the words that come out of your mouth and your actions when you get arrested. If you start screaming that you're innocent and acting erratically, it can be used to make you look unstable in court. If you find yourself being cuffed and being read your rights, don't say a word to anyone until you have a criminal lawyer present.

Remain Calm

Being falsely accused of a crime doesn't mean you're going to spend your life in prison. This is something that happens often, and it is why the United States uses specific court procedures. Depending on the crime, you don't even necessarily have to prove you're innocent; you just have to stop them from proving that you're guilty without a doubt. You might just resemble a suspect, and after some further investigation, it will be clear that you are innocent. While other instances may be more complicated, a good defense lawyer will help you prove that you had nothing to do with the crime.

Call a Good Lawyer

It's important to get a criminal lawyer by your side. If you can't afford a lawyer, a public defender can help you. People tend to think that public defenders aren't as good, but it's not always true. Many truly want to help people who are less fortunate than others.

However, if you're worried about having a public defender, speak to reputable lawyers from firms like Alejandro Rivera PA - A Law Firm about payment arrangements or even pro-bono work, which is where they represent you at no cost. If your case winds up being high-profile, a lawyer might work your case for free just to get exposure. Other lawyers who are trying to make a name for themselves may do the same thing.

Maintain Your Innocence

Investigators can be intimidating during interrogation. It's their job to push people and make them crack when they believe they're guilty. However, sometimes innocent people crack under the pressure too. People have been known to sign false confessions and admit to things they didn't do just to get it over with. Never admit to a crime you didn't commit and pay for someone else's mistakes. As unpleasant as interrogation and investigations may be, jail will be even less pleasant. Always maintain your innocence, because you will receive your justice when it's all over with.

Refuse Unwarranted Searches

Some investigators will try to get your consent to search if they're having trouble getting a warrant. If they can't get a warrant, it usually means that they don't have enough evidence to get a judge to sign one. They might tell you to let them search because they're getting a warrant anyway. You might think it's fine because you are innocent.

You never know what the police are looking for, and you could have something that appears to be connected to the crime, even if it isn't. Never allow a search without a warrant. You always have the right to refuse search and seizure without one.

Being wrongfully accused is the most stressful thing some people go through in their lives. However, if you remain calm and respectful, retain a lawyer, and refuse unwarranted searches, you could end up being released more quickly than you thought.